CHS NERDFEST is a day to play all your favorite games! TTRPGs like Dungeons and Dragons, Cyberpunk Red, Nemesis, Star Wars, Kids on Bikes, Bones Deep, and more. Featuring Card games from Zenergy Gamers like Pokemon and Magic The Gathering. There will be virtual reality, Killer Queen, a Drone Simulator, and tons of video games brought to by Contender Esports.

This year we are having a Car show with super unique cars like the Steven Universe van and the motorcycle from Walking dead (by Cosplay Mutt) and so many more!

We will have 2 cosplay contests with great prizes like Airpods and D&D book sets

Great food and drinks will be provided by Frothy Beard and desserts will be provided by Wichcream ice cream sandwiches.

Captain’s comics will have a few tables to buy toys and comic books.

We also have Stegelin (a live sketch artist from city paper).

CHS Nerdfest will wrap up the night with a live comedy show.