Gear up and Join in on the fun of cosplay

Gaming, comic, and cosplaying conventions are a dime a dozen, but few can rival the fun and sheer joy of CHS Nerd Fest 2022! Immerse yourself in popular televisions series, movies, or anime! A gamer and cosplay-focused event with vendors, food trucks, and entertainment, CHS Nerd Fest 2022 is sure to be one for the ages! Attractions include comics, anime, vinyl, toys, t-shirts, jewelry, make up, drone simulator, d&d5e, cyberpunk red, magic the gathering: commander, cosplay contest, huge air-conditioned space, parents lounge, food trucks, ice cream sandwiches, all ages all day, then 18+ after party.

Guests so far: Vader’s 501, Mandalorian Mercs, Q&A with Twitch streamers, YouTubers, and Tiktokers…much more to come!